Website Launch

After months of hard work by our team we are proud to present the launch of the brand new MB Creative brand website. Learn about our story of how we became a brand and how we developed this website. With no budgets in mind and freedom to design we have created this masterpiece. Hope you enjoy!
MB Creative
Website Launch
After months of hard work by our team, we are proud to launch the MB Creative brand website.

After months of planning, design and development by our amazing team we are extremely proud to present the MB Creative brand website. Along with our website we have launched social media pages on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and google+. Be sure to check them out and give us a follow. If you don’t know who we are we would like to take this chance to introduce ourselves. We build web and mobile apps and provide expert marketing services. The launch of our new website and social media pages are all part of our rebranding process from Roosio to MB Creative. For those that don’t know, in the summer of 2016 the owners of Roosio brought in a new partner group and together decided to rebrand as MB Creative. The purpose of MB creative was twofold. To change the way design and development projects were currently being done and to be A one stop shop for all your digital needs. From websites to apps to graphics to marketing, MB Creative is a creative agency ready to take on your next big project.

I have yet to see anyone else provide this type web design and development service offering – Jack Finkelstein, LiquiMedLock Inc.

When we sat down as a group we noticed a massive mistake we believe everyone in the industry was making. Basically We saw a major lack of communication between client and creators that was causing a lot of issues during any given project. The typical workflow for any designer or developer was to take specifications, go to their office and get to work. This didn’t make sense to us. Why were designers and developers creating a product for a client from start to finish without the client being able to see anything till the very end? We thought this made no sense. If the client is going to get what they want and have paid for they need to visually be able to see what’s going on and be able to provide feedback in realtime.

With this knowledge we got to work creating strategies and techniques to enhance communication and make sure the client is involved in decisions for their product. We have seen major success implementing this strategy as work time has been significantly cut down due to the realtime communication, ability we give clients to make quick and easy decisions. But the biggest benefit to our new strategy has been the satisfaction of our clients as we deliver them websites, apps, graphics and marketing plans tailored exactly to their wants and needs.

Continuously growing as a brand

The websites as it appears today on launch date will be very different In a years time. We have plans to add many more pages and cool features that you may want to implement on your own website. For now we have a launched a fairly basic website so you can see what we do, learn about who we are, check out our work and get in touch with us. There have been many people who have supported us throughout the launch of our new brand and though it would take too long to thank them all personally. We would like to take the time now to tell you, (and you know who you are as you’re reading this) that we appreciate everything you have done for us and all your support. Without your support none of this would be possible.

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