Our Core Services

We offer innovative responsive web design. A top rated Toronto web design company. Work with the best website design agency in Toronto.


MB Creative is an innovative, industry leading web development company. Work with some of the top web developers in Toronto.


MB Creative specializes in mobile app design and mobile app development. We focus on iOS app design and Android app design.


Looking for app development companies? Look no further! We specialize in app development and specifically iOS app development & Android app development.


Logo design, flyer design, business card design, letterhead design, envelopes, print design and more. We’re here to take care of all your graphic design service needs.


MB Creative focuses on SEO in Toronto. We perform detailed analysis of websites for keyword, on-page & off-page optimization & geographic focus with Google Places.

Web design & app development

MB Creative offers innovative website design & app development services

We have a passion for web design, web development and app development that can only be quenched by an endless supply of projects. MB Creative offers professional website design services, Android app development & iOS app development services. From small business websites to startups, corporate and ecommerce websites, MB Creative is here to suit all your web design needs. MB Creative is a leader in Toronto web design and web development. Our diverse staff of highly skilled, innovative web designers, web developers and app developers are here to take care of all your creative needs.

MB Creative specializes in responsive website design and mobile app development. We have worked with many brands to design and facilitate the launch of their e commerce websites, Android applications, iOS applications and more. MB Creative is a top rated creative agency in Toronto.

Looking for professional web design or web development services, or an Android app or iOS app built from scratch? A small business website, ecommerce website or responsive web design? Is your website old & outdated or lack a good user experience and in need of website redesign? No matter what your web design, web development, app design, app development, SEO or graphic design needs are, we are here to fulfill them. In working with MB Creative you will always have the personalized experience of interacting directly with the top heads in the organization including the CEO & Founder Matt Balshin.

We build websites, apps & graphics

We offer a variety of services to satisfy all your digital wants and needs. Our team of creative designers, developers and marketers are here to bring your next project from idea to reality. Through our hard work and dedication we have steadily built a reputation as a top Toronto digital services firm. Though the majority of our clients come from the beautiful city of Toronto it’s still very common for us to take on a client from another part of Canada or the United States. We even have a few clients overseas.

Whether you’re a new startup with a product or service to sell, a Fortune 500 company, mom & pop shop, or just a person with an idea. No matter who you are, we are here to help you out. Our services range from web and app design and development, to online marketing and everything you can think of in between. Our top services include website design and development, app design and development, graphic design, seo, social media marketing, pay-per-click campaigns, and branding and identity.

We carry a very unique approach to our design & development projects that is communication-centric & goal oriented. More specifically, we have created ways to enhance your project and make you involved and aware of everything at every step. Normally when you have a project and approach a company, they will get your specifications for your website for example, go off on their own; build it, and deliver.

We came into this game to shake things up because we believe in a different philosophy. The most simple metaphor we give clients is when you order a sub, they don’t take your order and go in the back to make it. Instead they make it right in front of you. Though the circumstances in our industry are different because 99.9% of the time we cannot be sitting beside you, the parallel still holds true. We use innovative technologies such as Slack, InVision, TrackDuck & more to bridge the communication gap throughout your whole project. So if you’re looking for website design, mobile app development or graphic services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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MB Creative started out as a web design and development company and still today it accounts for nearly half of our projects. We have launched hundreds of websites over the years.
Ecommerce Website
Need an online store built for your company? We specialize in ecommerce website development from Shopify to WooCommerce to a store built from the ground up, we cover it all.
We specialize in performing full on-page and off-page search engine optimization, to get you the top possible organic rankings on Google, using all white-hat marketing techniques.
Are you interested in one of our services? Let’s talk!

Things we can do for you

We like to consider ourselves a three-headed monster able to take on all your design, development and marketing needs. We offer professional website design & development, app design & development, graphic design and internet marketing services. We are a creative agency based in Toronto. MB Creative’s foundation is designing and developing beautiful, responsive websites and apps. It has been our calling card since day one. We have some of the top minds in the industry assembled to take on any creative, technical, marketing, design or development challenge thrown our way. Every website or application we create has a unique story. Hopefully your story will be the next one we tell.

Our design services range from responsive websites to apps to graphics and everything you can think of in between.

We can provide you with several design concepts so you have many directions to select from for you project.

The first step to getting the ball rolling with design is always comprehensive research and well thought out plan.

Mixing and matching colours to come up with a great colour scheme is a vital part of any design project.

We have a track record for starting design trends and applying them make our clients projects stand out.

When we set a delivery date we make sure we meet it with a creative design that you will be proud to display.

Our bread and butter is developing websites and applications. Web design is what we pride ourselves on doing more than anything else. We have worked together with some wonderful clients to design and develop innovative & trendsetting websites & apps that seperate them from their peers & competition. Our talented front-end developers are highly skilled with HTML, CSS, MySQL and other databases, and are constantly pushing the boundaries with Javascript. Though our frontend developers for the most part are skilled with databases, it is our backend developers that really steal the show. We have experts dedicated for your web design & development needs and others to cover your Android app development and iOS app development. No matter the technical problem we face, our skilled web developers and app developers always have or find a solution. The combo of our graphic designers, frontend and backend web developers and app developers allow us to create any website or application you want. Covering anything from WordPress and Drupal templates to custom built websites and apps from the ground up.

  • WordPress & Drupal
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Ecommerce Websites
  • Mobile Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Plugins & APIs
  • Scripts & Utilities
  • Website Audit
Content Writing
On Page Optimization
Off Page Strategy
Research and Analysis

MB Creative’s online marketing services consist of a few different aspects. For starters the most important things is SEO as without a well optimized website your ability to rank high in search results is handicapped and people are not likely to stay on your website (low SERP results & a high bounce rate). At MB Creative our team of Toronto based Search Engine Optimization experts focus their efforts on driving search traffic to clients websites. With many years of experience under our belt, we have developed a diversified approach to search engine optimization. Our focus is on what we like to call rank optimization. For us it’s all about achieving the highest possible organic ranking in search results. Over the years Google has consistently changed their algorithms making prior methods useless and often even harmful. We keep up with all the changes and adjust our strategies accordingly to ensure we are always serving our clients in the best way possible.

Pay per click advertising is the most trusted way to get visitors and drive traffic to your website. But it does come with risk. If not setup or managed properly, you can end up paying a fortune. It’s not just about generating random visits, it’s about strategically setting up campaigns that will return visitors who you can convert into sales or registered users. Businesses across all industries can benefit from the immediate advantages pay-per-click (PPC) advertising provides. PPC advertising offers you immediate search engine visibility and top positions in search rankings for desired keywords.

One of our specialties is driving business growth through strategic social media marketing initiatives. Our social media marketing techniques allows us better position your company to tap into the two-way conversation naturally happening between you and your customers. Our services are designed to show you where people are talking about you, the areas where you can best get involved, and the tactics you should use to help increase brand awareness. We develop and implement world-class social media solutions for businesses and brands based on their unique business goals. So whether you want to increase followers, run sweepstakes or drive targeted leads to your website via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube, LinkedIn or other social networks, our expert social media marketing team can help you find success.

our services and skills

The core of our team is comprised of talented graphic & web designers, web & app developers. View some of our core skills and how proficiently our team is at each. Our focus is on responsive web design and mobile app development. We would love the opportunity to show you all that we can do and to forge a long lasting working relationship.

Website Design
Web Development
App Design
App Development
Graphic Design
  • Website Design
  • Web Development
  • App Design
  • App Development
  • Graphic Design
Our Design & Development Process
Below are the four main steps taken for each project. Many more steps are taken throughout each individual project depending on its scope. However these are the four main steps or phases for the majority of projects.
Web Design & Web Development Step 1

Research & Planning

Research & planning is the first step in any project. Whether we are doing a website design project or developing an app, we always take our time to do thorough research & planning. With an understanding of your company & brand, competition, market, etc., we can put together a comprehensive personalized plan for your website or app project. Our research & planning allows us to create a strong foundation for every website, app or graphic design project we do. It is what has separated us from our competition & allowed us to emerge as a top rated Toronto web design & app development company & an award winning creative agency. We take the time to learn your company inside out so we are not just building a website or application but instead we are creating web solutions to help you better achieve your company goals. At MB Creative we are all about goal oriented approaches. We listen to your web design, app development & graphic design wants, needs, but our main focus is on your goals and creating solutions to reach and surpass those goals.

The second step in our design and development process


Once we have a plan in place for your project we begin our website design, app design or graphic design tasks. The start of every design project is designers sitting down with a pencil & a pad of paper & sketching concepts. Many concepts are sketched, concept after concept, until your design begins to take shape. Once final sketches are made that the team is happy with & we feel meet your wants, needs & goals it is time to start wireframing. We also must make sure the designs can be developed to fit within your budget and that our developers can recreate all the unique concepts our designers have come up with. Our graphic designers then take those sketches and using Software turn their sketches into wireframes for every page on the website, every screen on the app & any other graphic design project we’re handling. Finally we take the wireframes over to Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop depending on the graphic design service. Inside Photoshop or Illustrator we turn the simple wireframes into lively, trendsetting graphic designs filled with colour, font families, etc. We present your designs to you go through a feedback period with you & make necessary revisions until you’re happy with your website design, app design or graphic design. This is the final stage for graphic design projects, but for applications and websites it’s onto development. We employ innovative software during our design phase to streamline the process & communication between us and our clients. Some of the software we use to streamline the design process & communication include InVision, Slack & Dropbox.

The 3rd step is producing your website, mobile app, graphic design or internet marketing plan


Website development & app development is when our frontend developers & backend developers work together to turn your mock-ups into a working website or app. Take a look at our portfolio to check out some of the websites & apps we have developed including all our ecommerce website development & responsive web design projects. We ensure that every website we develop is fully responsive web design so users have the most optimal experience no matter their device & screen size. MB Creative is a Toronto web development company that brings together some of the top designers & developers from around the globe. Our web development & app development services involve a lot more than simply listening to your wants & needs and spitting out a website or app. We understand your wants & needs, but more importantly we focus on your goals to come up with the best web solutions to meet those goals, while always working within your budget. A lot of companies can develop a website or app that provides a powerful design & also a great user experience, but it takes an expert creative agency to develop web solutions, app and design graphics that fit within budgets, while addressing wants & needs, and most importantly are goal oriented. We employ innovative technologies to keep you involved in all major decisions for your project. MB Creative uses proven software to streamline the development process & enhance communication such as TrackDuck. To learn more about TrackDuck, please check out http://trackduck.com. For a brief overview, TrackDuck is a powerful software that allows you to make comments on your live website, allowing you to easily request changes, identify bugs & create tasks without having to pick up a phone or write an email.

To complete any website, mobile app, graphic design or marketing plan, we deliver!


Once your website or app has been fully developed we must go through an intensive testing & debugging period to make sure everything functions as intended. We do our best job to go through every single element & run as many tests as possible to ensure your website or application runs smoothly for users on all devices & browsers. To make sure users have an optimal experience on all devices we must do cross-browser testing. There must be a seamless experience for users of iOS, Android, Blackberry & Windows devices & we do everything in our power to make this possible. Likewise for website design & development projects, we must perform cross-browser compatibility tests to ensure your website is working as intended on all major browsers. This includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari & Internet Explorer. Sometimes the testing period can be even more intensive & time consuming as the development stage. We test everything  to make sure every button leads to the right page, there are no spelling and grammar errors in content, the website is fully responsive, etc.. We must take our time to fully test, debug & fix any issues so we can handover the best possible finished product. Once the website or app has been tested & debugged, it is time to launch it to a live web server or deploy it on the app store it was built for. MB Creative offers different hosting, support & maintenance packages. We also can register your domain, fully deploy your website or app and do everything to take your finished website or app live.